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by Lewis Lovhaug

Main Cast

Carter Granholme/Lightbringer
Carter's parents, devout pacifists, always tried to instill their beliefs on their young son, trying to keep him away from reading or viewing anything that would encourage violence as a solution to any of life's problems. Carter continued to read comic books in secret, even after his parents were murdered by a gang member mugging them.

Carter devoted himself to following the pacifist views of his parents... until the harsh conditions of Pharos City finally drove him to realize that Pharos City would never be saved unless he took action. Born with unusual powers to manipulate light, and thanks to sewing lessons from his Home Ec classes taken in high school, Carter designed his Lightbringer outfit and not fights to make Pharos City a better place to live.
Hannah Ments
Never knowing her mother and having her father run off mysteriously at the age of two, Hannah managed to survive on her own for several years, moving from city to city and living off of charity and homeless shelters. Eventually finding herself in the harsh life of Pharos City at the age of 15, Hannah promised to herself that she wouldn't end up like many of the other girls she'd seen get kidnapped off of the streets of Pharos. As such, she began daily exercises used to increase her strength. To her surprise, while she showed no outward sign of increased muscular strength, she still managed to lift items twice her weight with ease.

She survived mostly on the kindness of others, including an electrician who taught her everything she knows about electronics. When she discovered that Carter was the Lightbringer, she offered her services as his backup and technical support should he need it, also providing Carter with someone to talk to during his lonely patrols at night. She is best friends with Michelle, living as her roommate in an apartment that Michelle has refused to allow Hannah to pay for. She's also addicted to coffee.
Police Chief Eddie Crane
Although his parents encouraged him to pursue a singing career, Eddie always wanted to be a police officer like his retired father. He excelled through the academy with the highest marks possible and got a New York beat when he was 23. After meeting his wife and having two children, and going through several promotions until he became Lieutenant, he thought life could only continue on the sweet track. However, during a bungled armed robbery of his apartment, his wife and children were murdered. Although the murderer was caught and sentenced to life in prison, Eddie didn't have the heart to remain in New York. When the Police Chief position was opened in Pharos City, no one wanted it due to how much crime there was and because of rumors that the previous Chief had been murdered in his bed while his family was kidnapped by the Slavers. Eddie jumped at the opportunity, putting his name up front for the position in hopes of doing some good while also escaping the memory of his lost family.

Despite all his attempts to save Pharos, his work was constantly countered by the criminals and corrupt. He continued along, though, not knowing what else he could do. However, the news of the Lightbringer's appearance brought about new hope for him. At first a little wary due to the vigilantes that had existed in Pharos' past, Crane soon learned he could trust the Lightbringer not to become a killer after succesfully destroying the Slavers without having to kill anyone.

Secondary Cast

Gary Manning
Gary had a fairly uninteresting life in Pharos City - went to school, graduated college and married his college sweetheart Karen. However, because of all the crime in the city, Gary fought back against it in his own way, developing a sense of humor to comfort him and the people he cared about so they would not fall into despair. His happiness only grew with the birth of his two children.
Michelle Allot
Michelle grew up in Shoreview, Minnesota, living there for most of her life while she tried to discover what it was she wanted to do with herself. As such, she took up writing and painting while she attended college, trying to get recognized. During that time, she fell in love with the Romantic Period of literature, that told stories of nature, heroes, and chivalrous deeds. As such, her love of the subject was reflected in her artwork and writing, particularly her poem "The Unconquered," which won her a few hundred dollars in a contest. To reinforce her free spirit, she changes her hairstyle on a daily basis.

She moved to Pharos City hoping to use the desolate environment as inspiration and reaffirmation of her beliefs in heroes and white knights coming to the rescue. She took up a job as a salesperson when Carter was looking for people to work at Grand Furniture and she gladly took it up. Meeting her through a mutual friend, Michelle decided to act in a chivalrous manner and take in Hannah Ments as her roommate and best friend, hoping to find a kindred spirit and ally in her beliefs. While Hannah has not shared Michelle's passion for the subject, the two are inseparable best friends.
Sandy Sanderson
Michelle met Sandy at her book club and the two became fast friends. Since she feared that Carter and Hannah were in a relationship, Michelle hooked Carter and Sandy up. The two instantly hit it off and have been in a relationship since then. Sandy works as an English Professor at Delta University, Pharos City's local college. She's outgoing, proficient in Latin, and loves to challenge her students by analyzing texts in unorthodox ways. She's particularly fascinated by the Lightbringer and the concept of dual identities.

The Smiling Man
For more information about The Smiling Man, see Crossoverlord!
The Darkbringer
Formerly a petty thief living on the streets of St. Paul, this unnamed individual encountered a Dark Knight from another universe who imbued him with dark magicks. Now worshipping an actual being known as the Darkness, the Darkbringer has devoted himself to destroying everything Lightbringer stands for and bringing about a new Darkness on Earth.

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