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by Lewis Lovhaug


1 - Let There Be Light, part 1
Pharos City was meant to be a shining beacon of light, the New York or Los Angeles of the Midwest. However, within a few short years, it was engulfed in crime and decay. This is the story of Carter Granholme - the Lightbringer.

2 - Let There Be Light, part 2
Carter's been operating as Lightbringer for a few days now. How does the world react to their first superhero? Who will be his allies or his enemies?
3 - The Last Lesson of Walter Kovacs
Lightbringer is going in alone to take down the Slavers once and for all. However, after learning the scope of their activities, will he able to bring himself to do it?

4 - Smiles, Everyone, Smiles
A thief has been making his way through Pharos City, stealing things of little or no value. The papers have dubbed him "The Smiling Man." However, what makes the first supervillain Lightbringer must face so deadly?
5 - Gentlemanly Behavior
A murderer has been walking the streets at midnight in Pharos City, murdering prostitutes and their pimps. Because of the way survivors and witnesses have described him, the papers dub him "The Gentleman." Will Lightbringer be able to stop him before he kills again?
6 - Let There Be Darkness, part 1
A new villain arrives in Pharos City intent on destroying the Lightbringer. After kidnapping a restaurant full of people, he makes his sworn enemy appear before him. Will the Lightbringer be able to stop the one person who may be his very antithesis - The Darkbringer?
7 - Let There Be Darkness, part 2
Louis Williamson and Lightbringer vs. the Darkbringer!
8 - Quod Sum Eris
A day in the life of Hannah Ments!
9 - Legacy of Chains, part 1
The trial of General Werres is about to begin! However, while Lightbringer is committed to making sure the General is tried and rightfully put in prison for the crimes he committed, more than one individual is devoted to getting their revenge on him. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure gathers a team together to kill Lightbringer...
10 - Legacy of Chains, part 2
The trial of General Werres continues as the weeks press on. The assembled villains make their move against Lightbringer, hoping to get past him swiftly and subsequently attack the General during his trial. Lightbringer may be in over his head with six supervillains attempting to annihilate him, but he may have a little more help this time...
11 - Legacy of Chains, part 3
The end of General Werres' trial is approaching and the assembled villains have Lightbringer on the ropes. How will he stop them and who will come to his aide when he needs help the most?
12 - The Darkness and the Light
Lightbringer vs. Darkbringer: THUNDERDOME.
13 - Masks
A mysterious thief by the name of the Scarlet Baroness has been pilfering some of the rarest jewelry in Pharos City, but no one's sure how she's gotten away with it. Also, will her presence drive the Lightbringer into a deep insanity?
14 - Wanted
The Mayor of Pharos City has had enough of Lightbringer's vigilante activities and she wants them stopped. While Carter and Hannah consider closing up shop, Chief Crane must contemplate trying to arrest a friend while dealing with issues from his past.
15 - Death and Taxes
The reopening of Star Boulevard should mean that Pharos City is back on the way to being a prosperous city again. However, the scandal that originally brought Star Boulevard to bankruptcy catches up with it once again in the form of a new villain: White Death.

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