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by Lewis Lovhaug


What IS Lightbringer?
Lightbringer is a webcomic(duh) about a superhero called Lightbringer. It takes place in the fictional Minnesota location of Pharos City. Lightbringer himself is a furniture store owner in the city who was born with the ability to manipulate light in a variety of ways, including allowing him to fly.
"World's First Superhero?" Um... In case you haven't noticed, there have been other superheroes.
Of course there have! However, the tagline is a reference to the fact that in the universe Lightbringer takes place in, he is the world's first superhero. Sure, there are the same comic books that we have in the real world, but a real, live, honest-to-God superhero? None until that point.
Why does the artwork suck so much, especially in the first few storylines?
Because I really I suck as an artist. Honestly I didn't realize just how bad it was until some very critical reviews came out about the artwork that offered suggestions about how to improve it so I took them up on it. I am always attempting to improve my art in some capacity so if I seem excited by something minor, it's just that I'm really happy and proud that I've done something different.
So, wait, then who are "Ted Sage" and "Fred Gouldart?" They keep appearing in the credits to the storylines.
"Ted Sage" and "Fred Gouldart" are pseudonyms for myself. Frankly I like to try to make this look like a real comic book as much as humanly possible (a nearly impossible feat considering my poor artwork...) and as such having all of the credits go to my own name just looks silly, IMHO. Even mainstream creators use pseudonyms for various purposes.
WHY Lightbringer? Why did you do it?
A variety of reasons, really.
1. Most of the time, whenever someone's inventing a new superhero universe, they tend to instantly populate it with hundreds of superheroes, with a long and complex history spanning decades. And yet I've never seen anyone start off a universe in the modern age from scratch and take a look at how the world would react to it.
2. "Realism vs. Pessimism." There seems to be a tendency among mainstream titles to depict superheroes in a pessimistic light whenever they want to make superheroes "realistic." I have a more optimistic view on how it could be taken and subsequently decided to write a story about the beginning Age of Heroes with more hope to it.
3. Really I have a desire to work in the mainstream and to write comic books, but I know that's still a looooong way away from me. But since the desire's still there, this is my way of getting it off my chest.
4. Superheroes fascinate me philosophically and I want to explore some of the themes that I sometimes want to see in mainstream books but sadly don't see all that often.
Where did Lightbringer get his powers from?
I'm not telling. ^_~ Not to say I won't ever tell someday or that I don't know, I just don't want to reveal it here. Lightbringer's not a scientist nor does he regularly hang out with biologists or physicists, so it's not like he can phone up somebody to take a look at it.
Will there be other superheroes down the road?
Yep. When? Well, that would ruin the surprise now, wouldn't it? ^_~
Jeez your comic sucks. Why do you even bother?
Well, I'm sorry you feel that the comic sucks, although you're entitled to your opinion. I continue on because I think I can improve and I'm hopeful that my comic will make some people happy. Oh, and also the above reasons about why I did it.
What the heck is "Angel Armor?"
Angel Armor is a self-published book series I started to write when I was 14 and have continued to try to improve on and add onto still today. While they take place in the same universe, one is not necessary to understand the other. The books themselves are available in the Store section.
Well, I like your comic but I dislike certain ideas/have some suggestions on how to improve it. Mind if I talk about it?
NO! You cannot give any opinions that differ from my own! Grrr....

Seriously, though, go right ahead! You can make posts in the forum about it or e-mail me and I'd be more than happy to debate and/or discuss it! I love feedback of all kinds. ^_^
Lightbringer... well, he sometimes comes off as a Mary Sue when you keep talking about his philosophies in line with your own...
That's a fair criticism. Mostly this is due to the fact that I didn't want to write a character I disliked writing about and subsequently included those elements in. Another part of this is what I mentioned above about having philosophical topics that I wanted to bring up and discuss.

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