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by Lewis Lovhaug



Lightbringer Symbol Shirt
Available through is a fully-customizable shirt featuring the Lightbringer symbol! Just like those featuring Green Lantern or Superman, this shirt comes in a variety of sizes and colors, customizable through the link above. You can get it on hoodies, long-sleeve shirts, and other colors, although it should be noted that it works best on black or white (other colors makes the symbol's whiteness transparent and matching the shirt color). Prices vary depending on size, color, and type of shirt.

Angel Armor

Book 1 - Just a Boy
The first book in the Angel Armor series! As I've mentioned before in a few pages of the comic, Lightbringer and Angel Armor take place in the same universe. Join the adventures of Louis Williamson, a 14 year-old high school freshman from Minnesota who accidentally gets sent to the medieval fantasy world of Sin. Unlike his predecessors in the genre of "schoolboy/girl in fantasy land," Louis knows the clichés, watches the movies, reads the books, and watches enough TV and movies to not be a total idiot. NOTE: It's best to think of this book as a pilot for a TV show, since I was 14 when I wrote it. ^_~

Book 2 - The Cassandra Conflict
The second book in the Angel Armor series! After the events of Just a Boy, Louis Williamson has been sent into the distant past of Sin, where the Five Lands are bitterly engaged in a Hundred Year War. Determined to change the course of history, Louis may cause more harm than good. Meanwhile, in the present, the world rejoices their greatest victory, but a new threat looms on the horizon, especially for Louis' former companions...

Book 3 - Yesterday
The third book in the Angel Armor series! After the events of The Cassandra Conflict, Louis Williamson is ready to head back to earth. In order to find a way back, he must travel to the other continent on Sin in search of a spell to get home. However, the other continent is also Lithmenar's homeland. What secrets does he have about his past that he doesn't want the others to know about?

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